”In the end just three matter: how well you have lived, how well you have loved and how well you have learned to let go”

Jack Kornfield

What is Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy?

Mindfulness based psychotherapy takes Buddhist psychology as its starting point, integrates this with Western psychotherapeutic development theory and combines them both with the latest insights and research findings from neuroscience.

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Buddhism teaches about the nature of the self, western psychotherapy understands how we develop into the self in response to life’s experiences and neuroscience (the study of the brain and the nervous system) explains how the self manifests in our bodies in the present moment.

Mindfulness based psychotherapy works with the power of our awareness in the present moment to explore the nature of who we are and how we relate to ourselves when we are suffering. The objects of our awareness are the feelings and sensations in the body, their constant interplay with the internal dialogue of the mind and then, what happens when these combine with the emotions, perceptions and core beliefs which are simultaneously activated and playing out in our lives, yet are so often beneath the level of our conscious awareness.

Mindfulness based psychotherapy is founded upon the experientially-derived beliefs that awareness is curative, that we can all heal and that we don’t have to do this alone. It provides a strong and contemporary model that is both theoretically robust and practically flexible and gives us a way of working in the present moment to explore and potentially transform both our relationship to ourselves and our relationship to others.